Friday, January 22, 2010


An adobe AIR google map to view any *.cmv (lat;long;label_character;description(s) line per location encoded CSV) files.
Can be used for installation teams, planning, work assignment etc.

Download: here.

About Screenshot:
2 CMV files dragged into app(...0 and ...1 markers), 1 Geocoded result of nearby intersection(G named markers: "cnr campbell cedar fourways"). 13 search matches (green highlighted markers) found in search on existing tags. 3 user assigned links marked with blue PolyLines.

Released version info:
v1.30 (2010.03.15):
  • Drag Manager infrastructure added with online notification service
  • Drag and drop based assignments with overlay showing assignents done
  • Timestamped updates in settings/view log
  • Custom infowindow content added
  • Settings sanity checks added with user feedback
  • Switching to/from settings visual effects
  • Settings manager populates on view load
  • Made Settings bindable
  • AutoMigrate and initialization of settings
v1.21 (2010.03.01):
  • Added settings screen: Email address and Subject settings managed.
  • Settings management lsoding from and saving to settings.xml.
v1.20 (2010.02.28):
  • CMV data parsing utils
  • Fix for no-header files loading
v1.19 (2010.02.26):
  • Refactored away from Marker Arrays storing core to Array of custom POI/GMapPOI class
  • Lazy marker creation/update functionality to improve loading performance
  • Per POI HTML infowindow added containing more details for each
  • More verbose CMV format supported now with infoWindow-only vs tooltip-only data
  • Automatically filling missing headers and data as needed per POI
  • POI InfoWindow full text search, not just tooltip data
  • Geocode results now display more relevant data in infowindow than previous tooltip
  • Fix window min width for Windows clients
v1.18 (2010.02.21):
  • Updated gmaps core from 1.17 to 1.18
  • Enabled printing
  • Deal with minimum initial window size scrolling on small screens (<=1024 wide)
v1.17 (2010.02.03):
  • Comment format excluded from POI data, Usage updates.
v1.16 (2010.02.01):
  • Added number of markers/POI indicator on load from any source.
  • Added search results number of POI status feedback .
v1.15 (2010.01.31):
  • Automatically(Correctly) extend map bounds on any search result.
  • Clear Search results, status and controls on new defined load.
v1.14 (2010.01.21):
    • App now accepts TEXT and URL drops:
    • Loads CMV formatted files from remote resource URL. Tested in Chrome browser.
    • Loads CMV formatted text drops thats not just a URL
    • Added activity log feedback feature.
    • Improved error display/tracing system.
    • Improved, less invasive parse error detection and feedback.
    • Improved debug feedback.
    • Remove unused back button.
    • Improved about, usage info.
    v1.13 (2010.01.26):
    • Custom file type added(CMV), registered not loding from (yet).
    • File format change to include type string displayed on pin.
    v1.12 (2010.01.21):
    • Minor updates, name change, download link added.
    v1.11 (2009.11.30):
    • Focussed on improving navigation and adding search function to aid in field work.
    • Added search on map functions highlighting found results:
    • Search for matching markers, highligting found markers, or
    • multi point geocoded address marker searching with highlighting. Adding to the existing map, auto centering the map on 1st result.
    • Removed unused status bar, match map palette elsewhere.
    • Search result status display (result n of m).
    • Result status navigation (next/previous) automatically centering map on item.
    v1.01 (2009.10.09):
    • The application now supports mouse wheel and smooth zoom feature.
    • The application is now drag and drop only with non-movable markers.
    • Added support for loading multiple CSV files, denoting each marker created from a file with its own file sequence number from 0...N. This enables for example importing all the MiniSubs as one file and Stubbies as another file, the markers will then visually distinguish the 2 groups.